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HD Outsourcing is an experienced outsourcing provider. We will not take on huge projects, requiring hundreds of people. Our experts want to give their all and provide the best insight and the best teams for our customers, so we ensure that each has the time to do so. 

We started out in the highly competitive sector of sports betting and e-gaming before moving wider afield to provide outsourcing solutions for a number of industries.

HD Outsourcing is a brand of PintMedia Ltd, a company registered in the UK.


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Here at HD Outsourcing we know that finding the right trustworthy outsourcing or consultancy partner for your business is not straightforward. That’s why we offer free consultations from those who will actually be working for you, not from a sales team. 

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Thomas Smallwood

In late 2004 Tom found himself stacking shelves in a supermarket, at night. During the day he made a career plan to turn things around.

He then joined the still relatively young online gambling industry, working in a call centre, and never looked back. He went on to work at all levels from helpdesk to boardroom, in the space of 10 years. 

In this time he managed operations in UK, Central and Eastern Europe as well as co-founding a successful company.

Now he helps clients of HD Outsourcing achieve their potential. 



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Nebojsa Djordjevic

Nebojsa Djordjevic majored in Business Administration, Banking and Finance. He has a strong background in outsourcing IT, Services and HR with over 10 years of senior advisory and management experience, focusing on IT, Software Development Services and Business Process Outsourcing.

He is passionate about HR market changes, new sourcing trends and opportunities with extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing right-sized outsourcing solutions for large international companies within various sectors and industries - Government, IT, Banking, Services sector, Health, Retail and FMCG, Online and E-Comms.

In his career Nebojsa has assisted many companies in reshaping their business models and adopting new sourcing opportunities within Europe. He has been involved, assisting or managing, with many major outsourcing projects for NCR, Transcom, CSC, STS group, Pitney Bowes, RR Donnelley, SKS365, WCT, Mirus Australia.

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